The Mission (Aims and Objectives)

Over a century and decade of education legacy was bequeathed to the holy city of Varanasi when Gyandeep English School ,Varanasi announced the starting of its session in 1999. The torch of learning has been passed from generation and we have grown to such a dimesnsion qualitatively and numerically. That the named of Gyandeep mesmerizes the academicians. The basic mission of establishing the Gyandeep in Varanasi was to carry forward the glorious tradition of purposfeul schooling. Gyandeep combines the educational dimensions with the firm mooring of evocative nationalism with the firm mooring of evocative nationalism and culturalism.

Gyandeep is a unique co-educational school for the children from standard pre-nursery to xI. It is desingned to impact integrated education to children. Drawing the best from India culture and the tradition.

Thus our main aims are:

• To instruct and help them to acquire knowledge in humanities arts, science and commerce.

• To develop total personality on progressive lines with a comprehensive mental to our look.

• To develop self confidence based on sound character and good conduct so that one may lead a successful life.

• To have a close interaction and obsorption of ideas between teacher and student on all matters relevant to life and living in the community.

Our Objectivers are:

• To provide an ideal idyllic polluction-free environment, far from the hustle and bustle of the city, where the proper development of the child's intellectual ablities takes place.

• To develop a bone-deep and inspired motivation among staff about their special duities in moulding the career o the child and ensuring his/her overall development.

• To innovate the most advanced methodologies of teaching by the teacher so thet their effort are optimized and they acquire thet extra 'cutting-edge'.

• To pioneer the innovative methodologies of learning so that our students acquire more knowledge and skills with relative ease and grow up as confident, well-informed and successful GLOBEL CITIZEN -a subtle amalgam of the orient and the occident.

• To instill in the child the feeling that he is the proud inheritor of a rich and composite cultural heritage.

• To devise a mechanism of feed-back from the parents and fellow teaching community so that their suggestions help in formulating future pedagogic stategies.