Greeting and welcome to Gyandeep English School, Varanasi , UP. I am thrilled that you have decided to view our school's website in order to learn more about this wonderful and unique institution .It 's students,staff and program we have to offer.GDES has established a tradtion of excellence and we promise to continue to strive to become the best.
Education is the manifestation of the best in human being. It helps to promote and achieve physical ,aesthetic,intellectual and professional refinement for an all round personality development.Following this spirit considerable investments have been made in this field during the last 63 years,since our nation's independence.But the quality of education that is being imparted has left munch to be desired.There are moments in history when a new direction has to be given to age old process that moment is to day.we must change the course of history by shapping the future of our children ,the future generation through education.
As you enter our website you will notice that all our teachers have creared and maintain a webpage to keep parents abreast of news relevant to their class rooms.we are committed to providing innovative lessons to our students.Our school staff is dedicated to providing with a well rounded educational experience.We ensure here the participation of each child take part in co-curricular activities and sports.
I am extremely greatful to the Managiung Committee,Staff,and especially to the web team for their efforts in creating and mainting an attractive and creative website.
Once again, I appreciate your interest in vistinf the website of our school and learning more about the opportunities and avenues,we provide .As such ,it will hopefully be an aid to communication and a very habdy reference when quarries arise about day to day organizational matters. with regards.

Mrs. Neeta Singh

(Principal Of GDES)

Chief Editor

Gyandeep English School provides ample opportunities to the children by which they strive for all round development of one’s personality. We help each and every student individually, to bring out their innumerable hidden talents enabling us to shape and mould it for their bright future. Our students are always encouraged to participate in extra co-curricular activities like debates, speech, games, music and public speaking etc.

Our life is a journey. We learn and experience something new everyday. We not only impart in-depth knowledge of a particular subject but at the same time also ensure competent and constant growth of the students. Problems exist in everyone’s life but we frequently remind the students not to be afraid of failure but strive hard to achieve success for excellence and good leadership. It is possible only when we build up good attitude and conduct. We also learn to become disciplined, to see things in proper perspective. There are ups and downs in life and we need to accept the challenge and win it at all costs. Physical work and games enable the students to cope up to be fit and healthy persons. If you work hard then only great things can be achieved easily. Consequently, our struggles will vanish within no time and our achievement will be remembered for long. So, Dear Students keep up the spirit and achieve greater things in life.

If pupils are convinced of their goals, of course, they will always tend to think deeply and achieve their aims. Some students, who are ambitious, do not work hard and want only comforts, lose their ability to achieve their ultimate goal. So it is the prime responsibility of teachers to show the right path and constantly motivate the students. Therefore we impart a strong foundation to educate well and much needed compass reading to see all things properly. One must acknowledge that if a student is excellent in performance other students should think positively to match the excellent student in performance. Our teachers are using their best methodology to impart knowledge to their students. Looking to the above co-curricular activities of our school, I am sure that our students will shine and become valuable citizens of our country in times to come.
I hope and pray that the students of our School will scale great heights and keep the GDES Flag flying high.

Mrs. Anupam Rai

(Vice-Principal Of GDES)